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Zen at Work

Witnessing is the key and being aware in the momentis thepathway to reach such a ZEN state which enables a professional to excel without anxiety and insecurities. Today leaders, managers, and employees deal with a lot of work pressure and distraction around them which is reducing their performance level at the workplace. They are constantly losing their capability of processing information, prioritizing tasks, and making decisions due to the extra stress in this modern societyWith our meditation and mindfulness sessions and workshops,your organization, managers, and employees will benefit in various ways:

  • Mindfulness, Alert and Aware employees
  • Better concentration
  • Reduced stress in their work-life
  • Reduced staff absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved overall well-being
  • Enhanced job satisfaction

We have been in the space of corporate wellness and mindfulness for over 7 years, reaching across to over 3000 managers and executives through our workshops based on Holistic Wellbeing and Mindfulness in Modern Era, through our initiative at Head 2 Heart Recreation and Wellness Services. We look forward to taking the journey ahead by connecting with professionals from all walks of life through an online platform.

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Our Teachers

Alexa Stivens

Meditation Teacher

Toby Brown

Meditation Teacher

Valerie White

Yoga Teacher

Amanda Lory

Yoga Teacher

Cerrie Wise

Marketing Committee

David Woods

Lending Library Committee

Amanda Briks

Ethics Committee

Linda Watson

Information Technology

Richard Brenson

Leadership Counsil

Online Meditation Workshops

We place a strong emphasis on our practical meditation and mindfulness workshops for the transformation of organizational culture. Our practical virtual sessions improve the alertness and awareness levels of all the participants and facilitate them to transform the quality of their professional and personal life. Experience the benefits of our meditation session with your team for a relaxed yet productive workforce. Achieve desired business outcomes with employee well-being. Create a positive workplace culture and ultimately increase the productivity and revenue of your firm. Our meditation workshop uses practical tools and techniques based on Sound, Breath Work Visualization, and Hypnosis to induce the meditative Zen States. Self-development techniques and frameworks will be explored for a greater understanding of the mind, clear thinking, and higher cognitive abilities. These proven methods will effectively impact on the productivity and morale of your employees

Executive Zen Coaching

Mindful leadership coaching aims at developing leaders through the ZEN approach and thereby driving performance. We present a practical approach for leaders and managers to provide them the necessary support for the achievement of long-term business objectives and sustainable performance. We collaborate with organizations, managers, leaders, and individuals to help them be present and attentive with themselves. In this fast-changing and complex environment, leadership qualities are key for business success and organizational needs. Mindful leadership coaching solutions are carefully designed and customized to suit our clients’ requirements and future development needs. With increased self-awareness and connection with self, we collaborate in a positive shift in behaviours and mind-sets. Leaders with high potential will be groomed in this coaching for achieving their true potential in all dimensions of life. We offer tailored mindful leadership coaching sessions to develop a culture of professionals who are agile, self-aware, and are mentally strong. It is our most significant offering with the help of our highly skilled and certified team of coaches who have reached numerous managers and leaders on holistic health, meditation, and mindfulness in the modern era.

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'This is the Zen approach: nothing is there to be done. There is nothing to do. One has just to be. Have a rest and be ordinary and be natural'

Our Coach and Facilitator: Bhupesh Sethi

He is on a journey of sharing the true essence of life experience through Executive Coaching Sessions and Workshop Facilitation adopting a ZEN approach. In the last decade, he has reached across to over 5000 professionals on holistic and multidimensional growth of human consciousness. It has been a blessing to work for some of the best in the industry at various levels of management and on diverse topics of life skills. Being a Certified Coach and a Meditation Facilitator, He has facilitated and inspired thousands of corporate professionals on topics such as mindfulness in the modern era, work-life balance, positive work culture, and art of holistic wellbeing. His vision in life is to “walk the talk” and inspire my fellow mates by actions rather than by mere words or knowledge. The time spent in the presence of realized masters are the golden nuggets of my life and continuously receive their grace on this mysterious journey known as life.

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About Us

Zen Living is an initiative towards multidimensional growth of human consciousness. Over the past few years we have reached across to thousands of fellow beings from all walks of life and inspired them on a journey of a Meditation and Holistic Wellbeing. A small group of friends are on their spiritual journey for realization of eternal self is sharing their heart and life experiences. Our offerings include Meditations Session, Holistic Life Coaching and Zen at Work for corporate world. Our endeavor is that each one of us can flower to their ultimate potential and live a healthy, balanced and meditative life.

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